Steven Bailey, ND

Steven A. Bailey, ND has practiced Naturopathic Medicine in Northwest Portland since 1983. In addition to his general family practice, he specializes in fasting and immune support and works extensively with patients who have chronic and terminal illnesses. Dr. Bailey lectures locally, nationally, and internationally on a variety of medical topics, and is a frequent guest lecturer at Naturopathic colleges and conferences. A strong historical and political perspective colors Dr. Bailey’s awareness. While paying respect to the elders of traditional medicine, he stays abreast of medical science and Naturopathic medicine.

Michael Hunter
Fitness Enthusiast / Patient Advocate

Michael Hunter is an engaging individual. With a fantastic ability to strike a conversation with anyone, he’s one of the nicest people you’ll meet. His passion for fitness began as a child, as he fell in love with sports. He has been an accomplished wrestler, referee and coach. He keeps his body in pristine condition by continuing a consistent regimen of exercise, weight lifting, and good nutrition. He’s a subscriber to the idea to “treat your body as a temple”.

Another factor that has intensified Michael’s passion for health is experiencing his mother suffer with hers. The anguish of seeing the woman closest to you suffer daily health related pain is something that makes him appreciate what he’s been given! As he’s been blessed with good vitality, he knows he has a duty to keep it that way, and to help anyone else he can in their process of bettering their well being.

Robin Gordon
Fresh Start Business Manager and Promoter

Robin is a lover of music with a broad range of ability in the area. He is a singer, piano player, writer and producer. He teaches both voice and piano, directs music for the singing group,” E.D. Mondaine´ and Belief”, and was the lead producer of all three albums by the group including “ The Blessing Box”, “Everything Must Change”, and the soon to be released, “A Place for Me”. He is also the Pastor of Music at Celebration Tabernacle Church, and responsible for most of the Music at the church.

Robin has had his own struggle with health which is what birthed his passion for the subject. Having suffered multiple back injuries, the first of which he experienced over 10 years ago, he has received help both professional and emotional from Dr. Steven Bailey, as well as from Amy Rutherford Close. He has experienced firsthand the change that can occur for the better from the remarkable understanding of his fellow teammates. Now, as he has made a change for the better in his health, he feels he is the first beneficiary of what Fresh Start can do.