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Fresh Start is pleased to declare 2016 the year of teamwork. Four new teams of medical students will join the Fresh Start team to contribute to the present lectures and each team will present one of the monthly topics in 2016. Team leaders for the students are Benjamin Alter, Mary Brown, Alexandra Cope and Lauren Steinman. All talks will take place at The New Columbia Community Center 4605 N. Trenton St. Portland, Trimet line #4


Fresh Start 2016 Calendar

January 2
Healthy beginnings: A new year, set with good intentions. Setting realistic but important goals in how we eat and live our lives this coming year.

February 6
Movement, meditation, breathing, exercise and yoga. Methods of  improving health, reducing stress and reducing the incidence of many chronic diseases.

March 5
Healthy, tasty and affordable. Foundations to a healthy diet and basic meal planning.

April 2
Shopping and gardening. Creating the strategies and environment for the healthy kitchen and pantry.

May 7
Juices and smoothies. Super foods, optimum living.

June 4
The healthy heart. Preventing heart disease and stokes. Managing cardiovascular disease, blending diet, exercise and nutrition with conventional medicine.

July 2
Considering cancer. Knowing your risks, knowing your friends. Nutrients to help prevent cancer, herbs and nutrients to aid treatment and survival.

August 6
Juices and smoothies. The raw challenge. 80:20

September 3
The steady course. Eating to avoid diabetes, manage blood sugar and reduce weight. Foundations for the big picture needs focused on current trends towards diabetes and obesity.

October 1
Feasts or treats. Healthy desserts, snacks and the vegan holiday feast.

November 5
Memories and memory. Gratitude of the seasons, gratitudes of life. Nutrition and habits to maintain good memory and intellect.

December 3
Sharing the bounty. A vegetarian pot luck with group discussion on what we have learned, how we look differently about our diets and our intentions for the new year.