Student Teams


We are pleased to introduce ND candidate Lauren Steinman, team leader of the Hawthorne Group, which includes fellow students Melanie Stein and Emily Steele. Lauren comes from Germany where her American-born parents spent her entire life. Please revisit our site soon for pictures and stories of all four teams and team leaders. Soon, we will list each team in the calendar of events, so that you know when they will present the topic of their greatest interest.


Benjamin Alter is a current student at the National College of Natural Medicine. He will lead a team of 3 NCNM students as they support Fresh Start throughout 2016.


Additional Team Leaders:

Alexandra Cope
Mary Browne

Additional Team Members:

Santiago Nevarez
Brian Plante
Cody Strodtman
Maria Geyman
Steven Nguyen
Melanie Stein
Susanna McMillan